Meeting the challenges of maritime and coastal socio-ecosystems together


Coquillage S.1 Maritime archeology


Coquillage S.2 Imaginaries of the sea

Conveners : Sophie PARDO (LEMNA), Justine Dumay (ISOMER), Stéphanie Mahévas (Ifremer), 


CoquillageS.5 Nature-based solutions to climate change

Conveners : Vona Meleder (ISOMER)

Coquillage S.6 Exposome, health and biodiversity

Conveners : Aurore Zalouk (ISOMER), Samuel Bertrand (ISOMER), Anthony Bertucci (Ifremer),  Régis Baron (Ifremer), Stéphane Tirad (CFV)

CoquillageS.7 Decarbonizing maritime transport

Part.1 - Maritime Economics: from trade competitiveness to industrial harbour planning
Part.2 -  Accelerating shipping decarbonization: from vessel to global fleet

Conveners : Rodica Loisel and Corinne Bagoulla (LEMNA)

Coquillage S.8 Threats and cybersecurity in the maritime sector: technological and human issues

Conveners : Pedro Merino Laso (ENSM), David Brosset (école navale Brest)

Coquillage S.9 Environmental integration of marine renewable energies

Conveners : Marion Cuif (Ifremer), Bela Buck (AWI), Franck Schoefs (Nantes Université), Salvy Bourguet (IReeNA, Polytech),

Coquillage S.11 Sharing maritime space

1st session - Sharing the sea: governance issues
2nd session - Sharing the sea: information issues

Conveners : Brice Trouillet (LETG), Alexia Pigeault (Chaire Maritime)


Coquillage S.12 Ship flags: challenges, drifts and prospects for sustainable ocean governance

Conveners : Caroline Devaux (CDMO) 

Coquillage S.13 Maritime work/maritime profession: Configurations and reconfigurations

Conveners : Hélène Desfontaines (CENS), David Plouviez (CRHIA)

Coquillage S.15 Public engagement in science and participatory science

Conveners : Franck Schoefs (GeM), Gordon Dalton (Plocan, Spain)

Coquillage S.16 Microalgae: from biodiversity and ecological services to biotechnologies and innovation

Conveners : Benoit Schoefs and Justine Marchand (BIOSSE Le Mans)

Coquillage S.18 Underwater acoustics: noise and communication

Conveners : Benoît Parrein (LS2N), Nils Morozs (Univ York)

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