Social Event

Ice Breaker - Wednesday, June 12th - Halle 6 Ouest

The local organising committee for Oceanext 2024 is delighted to invite you to the cocktail party to discover ∆ELTA, a musical creation resulting from an Art-Sciences-Society project in Nantes.

8h-8:45 pm : ∆ELTA  



∆ELTA is a spatialized sound performance of immersive electronic music. The compositions, performed alive by two musicians, explore notions of ecosystem, model and uncertainty.


‘...deploying an ecosystem of sounds, the possible interactions between textures, tones, rhythms and pitches, then bringing them to life and interacting with each other. Composing with uncertainty, slipping into the interstices and letting the sound materials hybridize, metamorphose and occupy the space.’


This creation is the result of work carried out as part of an arts/sciences/society project between 2020 and 2023. MiMi was supported by Ifremer and Nantes University, in partnership with the TU-Nantes: collectively questioning, through the prism of marine ecosystem modelling, the notions of model and scientific uncertainty, an issue that is currently irrigating current debates, particularly on the question of climate change.


Co-production : 1name4acrew/ Ifremer / Nantes Université / TU-Nantes 

Social dinner- Thursday June 13th - 7:30 pm

Cercle Cambronne 

3, rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau

The gala dinner will be an opportunity to discover a truly historic 18th-century flat in Nantes. 


All these events are included into the registration fee, except accompanying to the gala dinner.


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